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Yukine Hand Towel - Lt. Grey

Morihata Yukine Hand Towel - Lt. Grey

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The Yukine towel from Shinto features a characteristic “squeaky” feel that comes from their “atozarashi” refining method.

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32.28" L x 12.99" W

This process of atozarashi takes place after the towel has been woven and it is used to remove any remaining starch and impurities from the fabric. While all of Shinto’s towels employ this process, the Yukine towel spends twice as long during this step in order to maximize the natural absorbency of the cotton. By using white cotton for the warp and dyed cotton for the weft, these towels are able to conjure visions of earth, water, or fresh grass peeking out from beneath fallen snow.   Care;  Avoid pulling loose threads and instead snip them carefully with a pair of scissors.

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