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Tableware from Jars Ceramistes, France

Tableware from Jars Ceramistes, France

In 1857, in a little Drôme village in the South of France. Pierre Jars created a family ceramics workshop.
With a founding vision to combine beauty and utility. Ever since this honest philosophy is continued with a love for beautiful "hand made" products

  • Tableware - Cantine

    Tableware - Cantine

    Quite simply beautiful and practical, the everyday collection. Renewed from the workshops.
    Simple glazes you love forever.
    A glossy finish with fresh colours.

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  • Tableware - Maguelone

    Tableware - Maguelone

    A matte background with a pool of clear glaze positioned artistically in each matte dish like a pool of water after a summer rain.

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  • Tableware - Tourron

    Tableware - Tourron

    A timeless basic. The purity of a perfect round.
    The ideal collection for fun, mixing and inventing.
    The magic of a palette of pretty glazes.

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  • Tableware - Studio + Epure

    Tableware - Studio + Epure

    Studio - Sober simplicity of stacking shapes, for everyday use. A range with chic creative colours – the seventies spirit revisited.
    Epure - Timeless chic. The purity of an airy shape. The pleasure of crackle glazes.
    A hand on the firmament.

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  • Tableware - Tout Simple

    Tableware - Tout Simple

    The Tout Simple Collection from Jars Ceramics features flat bases and modern, angular rims. The stunning, thickly speckled glazes are reminiscent of distant galaxies. This piece is suitable for soups, pastas, stews, or any other main course best served in

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Jars Céramistes

Founded in 1857, Pierre Jars created Jars Céramistes, based in France. The brand specialises in creating beautiful handcrafted ceramic pottery, pieces that fit perfectly within one’s home. With over 150 years of skill and technique behind them, Jars Céramistes prides itself in their decades-old history, complete with a contemporary twist. The brand is renowned for their high quality ceramics that can be found on tables and restaurants worldwide. Completely handmade within a small workshop in the village of Anneyron, South of France, and painted with delicate shades, you won’t be able to resist one of the brand’s pieces.